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Rose Restorations

Rose Restorations

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Fine print: All portfolio images are used with clients' permission. Copyright notes added to screen images only.

"Jason restored a picture of my great aunt and it is absolutely beautiful. The original picture is cracked and faded, so I wasn't sure how much he could do and how natural it would look when he got done. The picture is the only one my family has of her and it's about 100 years old, so I was really nervous about giving it away, but he took great care of the original and the prints are gorgeous! Jason came to my office to pick it up and deliver it. Thanks, Jason!" Joanna K. - San Francisco 10/25/2007

We do Custom Photo Collages ...

... as well as Custom Photo Family Trees

(personal info blurred for collage sample above)

Taj Mahal photo in 2 Separate Pieces ...

... Taj Mahal unified

Cat Owner holding cat steady for portrait;

and Cat photo with owner removed from the picture

Flawed Exposure Corrected

Original Color Saturation Restored

Poloroid - Cracks Removed, Color Restored

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