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Rose Restorations

Rose Restorations


Fine print: All portfolio images are used with clients' permission. Copyright notes added to screen images only.

Miniature photo with severe fading and moisture damage - stains removed, details restored and image colorized for new prints

Miniature photo with numerous creases/torn corner; obscured areas have been "painted/sketched" in, and image enlarged for 5 x 7" prints

Original photo in cut out condition - faded color, tints have altered with age, scrapes and moisture stains; restoration involved creating a new background of a vintage living room setting, adding back the chair upholstery pattern, cleaning up the cut out edge lines, better defining the left arm and "painting in" the hairstyle.

Original photo stuck to glass, with severe surface flaking; image scanned through glass, features "painted" back in, color restored

We restore posters! Originals were faded with surface and edge damage; new prints processed on fine art papers with a watercolor finish

Photo circa 1910 - original was ripped and taped off center; scanned sections were aligned, tape marks and other damage removed, then details painted in free hand such as the man's face on the left side

Severely damaged photo with scrapes, tears, pen marks and stains; restored using other reference photo from same era to match hairstyle, and other lost details "painted in," using Photoshop tools.

Poster size print - original color faded, leaving magenta tint; new photo shoot of original, then image recolorized for new poster size print

Ambrotype circa 1850's (miniature photo image on glass); image restored and enlarged for new print

Small portraits - contrast restored, dust & scratches removed

Enlarged for new 5 x 7" prints

Elvis Presley (with client's father and others):

Removal of pen marks, stains, cracks and tears

Dorothea Lange photo project:

(Note - Dorothea Lange is best known for her Depression era photographs; this photo was taken about 10 years before that, at her portrait studio in San Francisco.)

Restoration and Enhancement in 3 stages: 1. Original print, with stains and silvering; 2. Basic Restoration with surface flaws removed; 3. Enhancement per client's request: greater definition of girl's hairstyle, neck and shoulder, and contrast adjusted for greater detail.

New York Law School class photo 1926 - original 16 x 20"

Restored edges, removed stains and balanced out varied contrast - also added missing curved top of decorative book edge, by copying the curve of the lower section of the book and using that, illustrating the top edge.

19th century portrait - split in two; restored with oval border

(note, original is a hand-tinted photo/portrait that was housed behind convex glass in an oval frame; the portrait itself bowed outward to conform to the glass)

"Rose Restorations did an excellent job of restoring some childhood photos of my siblings and myself that were severely water damaged, cracked and taped ... He expeditiously completed the project with special attention to detail. I am pleased beyond expectation. Needless to say, I have additional work for Jason!" Martha A. - Daly City, CA 9/21/2007

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